Infineum: 25 years and beyond

This year marks a significant milestone – our 25th anniversary. Since the joint venture was formed a quarter of a century ago, we’ve had much to celebrate, including becoming a leading transportation additive company.  Now, as we drive our vision to become a sustainable world-class specialty chemicals company, we've cultivated a safety culture where the well-being of our colleagues is paramount, and where our diversity is a strength that fuels continuous innovation. In this special video, we reflect on the essence of our journey and how we aim to deliver our purpose of creating a sustainable future through innovative chemistry.

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25 years ago, a journey began. A journey that was all about us, about Infineum.

Together, we've built a company that stands strong thanks to our safety culture as we won’t rest until nobody gets hurt.

We've always put our colleagues at the heart of everything we do. The concept of us, a diverse and united family.

We strive to mirror the diversity of our society, where everyone feels valued for what they are and the contributions they make.

Our diverse people are the strength that has allowed us to continuously innovate so that we can become a sustainable world-class specialty chemicals company.

Now what about the next 25 years?

Thanks to our talented and innovative people, we will play our part in building a more sustainable future by aiming to achieve our net zero ambition.

Ethics will continue to guide our path, ensuring we always do the right thing, no matter what.

Success will remain our companion, as we drive our business forward, adapt, and thrive supporting the transition towards a decarbonised future and more.

So, here's to us, to the 25 years we've been proud of, and the next 25 we are getting better and better, more opportunities, bright future ahead.

United in Diversity. Guided by Ethics. Focused on Customers. Committed to Safety. Powered by Sustainability.

Infineum: 25 Years and Beyond.

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