E-mobility additive technology

Infineum technology is “first-to-market” for e-mobility applications and is setting the e-fluids benchmark with next generation products to provide performance you can rely on.


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The automotive landscape is changing. At the heart of this change are regulatory and consumer pressures - driving the creation of cleaner more efficient vehicles. Industry focus is shifting to electrification  - but vehicle electrification is not just about full battery electrics - A range of hybrid options are also part of the mix.

Every hybrid platform uses a conventional internal combustion engine. But, as the degree of electrification increases, the vehicle relies more and more on the electric motor to power the wheels. At the lowest levels of electrification are the stop-start and mild hybrid systems. With greater electrification there are full and plug in hybrid architectures. Next up are range-extended hybrid models. And, at the very top of the efficiency list are full battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles - destined to grow in popularity as the pressure to decarbonise intensifies. Each type of electrification brings distinct challenges and new opportunities for lubricant & transmission fluid developments. And it's a delicate balance – with e-fluids still needing to deliver outstanding protection, cleanliness and performance, as well as meeting new e-specific requirements.

To meet these challenges, Infineum has developed a broad portfolio of dedicated e-mobility products, covering all of the major hybrid and full battery electric vehicle models and tailored for every type of electrified transmission application.

Our transmission fluids for Stepped Automatic, continuously variable and dual clutch transmission systems are already delivering exceptional e-motor compatibility. But now our new generation of step-out e-fluids is going even further – offering the enhanced electrical properties, materials compatibility and heat transfer electrified vehicles demand. And our new ultra low viscosity transmission oils for full battery electric vehicles takes us right into the next e-generation.

At Infineum, we recognise the importance of validating our products in a variety of real-world conditions, which is why we’ve completed almost 3 million kilometers of field trials across the globe - testing our extensive e-mobility product portfolio in a wide range of hybrid and electric vehicles. The results, verified at third party laboratories, demonstrate the ability of Infineum e-specific engine oils, transmission fluids, and e-motor cooling oils to protect these very latest vehicles.

Infineum technology IS “first-to-market” for e-mobility applications and is setting the e-fluids benchmark with next generation products to provide performance you can rely on.

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